“One sometimes finds what one is not looking for.“ (Alexander Fleming)

Dear football fans ⚽,
How can I teach you two-footedness, the shooting and passing of a football? That’s what I was wondering about before I developed Compasstrainer.I am Devran Sezek, a master craftsman and individual inventor from Goch, a beautiful small town on the Lower Rhine.

Incidentally, football players are familiar with Goch, as it is the place of business of Derbystar (current manufacturer of the official match ball for the German Bundesliga). Besides striving for new ideas …, I am the proud father of two passionate football players – football is an almost daily part of our lives – who are the inspiration behind this invention 😊

The spark for the idea ...

… for Compasstrainer came during a football match in March 2017. Losing no time, I went to my workshop and started sketching the first prototype, as usual.
In the course of developing each further prototype, I was able to continuously improve the functioning, the handling and the design of Compasstrainer. After three years (24/7), the idea morphed into a finished product line.

The love and passion ...

… of my boys for football and the positive effect of Compasstrainer in children and coaches has always been the driving force behind the long-term production process.
Yours in sport,

Devran Sezek
Inventor and founder of Compasstrainer